The Maternal Health Center provides culturally sensitive integrated services for women before, during and after pregnancy. Services are delivered by community health workers, at hospitals, homes, virtually, by telephone or any other comfortable setting.


Comadrona Program

  • The Comadrona program offers culturally competent home visitation services, health education, advocacy, and support services to pregnant women and their families, to improve pregnancy outcomes and reduce incidence of prematurity and low birth weight.
  • Community Health Workers conduct comprehensive assessments, and care plans are developed in partnership with participants to address a wide range of needs, including health care, psychosocial health, educational, childcare, nutritional, and other social determinants of health impacting them.
  • Trained community health workers promote positive pregnancy outcomes and nutritional support for both mother and baby during and after pregnancy. The program serves pregnant women, infants, and children up to two years of age who reside in the Greater Hartford area.

Family Wellness Healthy Start (FWHS)

The FWHS is a federal program seeking to improve women’s and family health and wellness, reduce disparities in low birth weight and decrease the incidence of infant mortality among high-risk women.

  • Promoting adequate prenatal care, and positive health habits
  • Reducing barriers to healthcare coverage and access
  • Enabling family’s empowerment
  • Supporting and obtaining basic needs
  • Promoting health education (nutrition, child’s well-care and safety, breastfeeding, SIDS, car-seat safety, psychosocial health)
  • Promoting perinatal health

Breastfeeding Heritage and Pride ™

  • The Breastfeeding Heritage and Pride™ (BHP) program is an evidence-based, person-centered, peer support counseling program. It is a community health worker-led intervention seeking to increase breastfeeding initiation, duration, and exclusivity among low-income, minority women.
  • BHP Peer Counselors are women from the community who have successfully breastfed and are trained to provide education and hands-on support in clinical and community settings to women who are interested in breastfeeding.
  • The program provides a comprehensive model of community and hospital based breastfeeding promotion and support. This program was recognized by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control as an evidence based best practice model.

Program Offerings Include:

  • Prenatal education
  • Postpartum hospital rounds
  • Postpartum home and clinic visits
  • Virtual and telephone outreach and support
  • Hospital Grade Pump rental program for special needs babies and medically critical mothers
  • Assistance to obtain breast pump through health insurance, or other available resources.