The Family Wellness Center serves as a community for local families seeking holistic care, support, and opportunities (mind, body, and spirit).

We serve

  • Greater Harford Region
  • Urban Families

         – Caregivers (Parents, Foster Family, etc.)

        – Children

         – Youth and Adolescents

        – Seniors/Grandparents

        – Persons with Disabilities

        – LGBTQ+

  • Communities With Limited to No Access to Wellness Services

       – Socio-Economic Limitations

We provide culturally relevant and competent services.

With a health equity focus and through trauma-informed care, we envision addressing eight principal areas of health: physical, intellectual, occupational, spiritual, social, emotional, financial, and environmental.


  • Healthcare Screening
  • Oral Health Screening
  • Individual Nutritional Counseling
  • Cooking Demonstrations and Nutrition Education
  • Health Education
  • Physical Fitness
  • CPR Training


  • Occupational Training
  • Media Technology Training
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services


  • Environmental Justice Training
  • Ecology and Nature Immersion and Environmental Stewardship
  • Hydroponic Demonstrations and Training


  • Financial Coaching
  • Tax Preparation
  • Benefit Acquisition


  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Support Groups
  • Women’s Issues
  • Art Of Wellbeing (Painting, Dance, Music, Theatre)


  • Art Of Wellbeing (Painting, Dance, Music, Theatre)
  • Hobbies and Games


  • Spirituality, Meditation, Mindfulness


  • Community Advisory Committee
  • Community-Based Participatory Research
  • Puerto Rican Research Initiative
  • Community Organizing
  • Various Classes
  • Legal Information, support and guidance

The Family Wellness Center is a collaboration between fifteen agencies.