Hartford, CT (May 2021) — Dr. Mimi Choon-Quiñones, MBA, has joined the Hispanic Health Council as the co-chief research officer to lead the Research, Advocacy, and Training Departments.

She is a Medical Anthropologist graduated from the American University in London and has Master’s in Business Administration from the London School of Economics.  Her areas of expertise include medical anthropology, public policy, medical advocacy, healthcare regulations, patient engagement and real world-data. She has worked in over 193 countries in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern and Western Europe. She has extensive experience in clinical research, planning, protocol design and implementation, risk management and establishing strategic partnership with key stakeholders. She was a founder of a patient advocacy-training program in clinical trials. Dr. Choon-Quiñones is bilingual in Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish and Italian.

For more information or to contact Dr. Choon-Quiñones please do so via email at mimicq@hispanichealthcouncil.org