The Hispanic Health Council acknowledges racism as a fundamental cause of health inequity and a threat to public health. We believe that no person or group is more worthy than any other person or group and that the dignity of all people is unequivocally affirmed. We actively seek to expose and dismantle our complicity with beliefs and systems–including white supremacy–that perpetuate injustice and oppression. We reject the violence and falsehood of relationships based on coercion or hierarchy. We believe justice and liberation of all of us are necessary for real love, positive relationships, and the wholeness intended for all people.

We Stand Committed:

– To affirm explicitly and in united solidarity our identity as an anti-racist organization

– To individual and organizational exploration of implicit biases and systemic advantages/oppressions such that our commitment be reflected in the life and culture of HHC, through our policies, programs, and practices as we continue to learn about racism and ethnic oppression

– To fulfill strategies and best practices that dismantle racism and ethnic oppression within all aspects of our organization, community, and society

– To center, value, and learn from community voices, stories, and experiences, and to uplift them whenever possible to drive meaningful change

– To incorporate in our work actions that promote reconciliation, racial healing, reparation, and transformation towards an equitable society