Hartford, CT, July 6, 2021 — The Hispanic Health Council (HHC) has received funding from the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health to address vaccine hesitancy among Latinos and other vulnerable communities.

Even though significant progress and success in rolling out vaccination programs in Connecticut have been made, vaccine hesitancy and misinformation among people of color is a significant challenge. This award complements other COVID-19 messaging efforts that ensure accurate information reaches communities of color who have been disproportionately affected by COVID19 because of discriminatory, social, and institutional barriers to care.

“What a privilege it is for the Hispanic Health Council to advocate for the care of our community, in particular as it relates to this historical pandemic.” Dr. Luis Diez-Morales, Hispanic Health Council Chairman of the Board

For over 40 years, HHC has established and sustained deep relationships of trust and respect for the communities it serves and partners with to advocate for systems change. HHC has effectively engaged community members in various services and other research activities to address health inequities. HHC is well-positioned to bridge any gap of misinformation and hesitancy among people of color. HHC will employ multiple outreach strategies in a culturally competent manner to address vaccine hesitancy. HHC will provide informational resources for testing, contact tracing, vaccine clinics and locations, and addressing other needs through its call center.

“COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted the Hispanic and African American communities. This challenge is compounded by people’s hesitancy to be vaccinated. Along with our partners, we will do everything we can to meet people where they live so that we can listen to and address their concerns about the vaccine. We will deploy several community health workers into the various neighborhoods, initiate a call center that can direct people to the various resources throughout the area, and initiate a small public service announcement campaign.” Ken Barela, CEO Hispanic Health Council.