The Hispanic Health Council Foundation’s (HHCF) mission is to raise and manage funds/assets that will be contributed to the Hispanic Health Council (HHC) in their effort to “promote equity and address health disparities for Hispanics, Latinos, and other vulnerable communities through research, advocacy, and culturally resonant services.”

Given the scope of HHC’s work and charitable intent, HHC must have a Foundation dedicated to raising funds solely for the benefit of HHC and its mission fulfillment. To this end, the Hispanic Health Council Foundation, Inc. (“HHCF”) is an essential component of our funding engine and financial strategy as we continue to grow as an organization.

HHCF fundraising is governed by the HHCF Foundation Board of Directors. HHCF raises funds solely for the benefit of HHC and its mission fulfillment. The Board is in charge of establishing and governing fundraising priorities and plans, as well as implementing a strategic plan, an organizational budget, endowment policies, and organizational policies and procedures. The Board is actively involved in raising funds through sponsorships, individual giving, etc.

Fundraising Activities (Including, but not limited to)

  • Events (gala, golf tournament, etc.) – Sponsorships, Tickets, Auctions
  • Grants
  • Individual Giving – Community, Board, Social Media
  • Employee Giving
  • Endowment Fund

HHCF Fundraising Priorities

These priorities were/will be identified through facilitated discussions with consumers of services, staff, community members, and the HHC Board of Directors.

  • Maternal Health Services
  • Expansion of Puppet Show (a program which covers nutrition and exercise for children)
  • Development of Wellness Center to Expansion of Wellness Center
  • Expansion of Research Program (evaluation of community health-related needs)

Fund Distribution Policy

All funds raised will be committed to supporting the HHC’s mission. The HHCF’s fundraising and distribution priorities will be included in the Board approved development plan. The amount of funds distributed depends on the amount of money raised any given year.

Donor Consent

All donors are aware that the HHCF and representative staff have the ultimate authority to use the contributions at their discretion. Donors are informed through collateral material, digital media (website, social media), and direct discussions as to what our fundraising priorities are. Donors are also given the opportunity to restrict their donated funds to a prescribed service.