Women & Children's Health Unit

Promotes positive health practices for women and children through community outreach, individual case management, and support groups.


Community Nutrition Unit

Its main goal is the prevention of chronic diseases by educating about nutrition, promoting physical activity and to improve the overall well-being of low-income populations.


Risk Reduction Unit

responds to the unmet needs in the community for direct services, prevention education and support for vulnerable populations.


Youth Development Services Unit

provides youth and families with academic support, skills training, financial education and family support services.


Community Based Participatory Research Unit

assures that developed interventions responded to real needs of the community through evidence-based direct services, provider training, and policy advocacy.


Our Mission

To improve the health and social well-being of Latinos and other diverse communities.

A Call to Action on Community Health Worker
and Social Determinants of Health

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are frontline public health workers who are trusted members of, and/or have a unique understanding of the communities they serve. CHWs serve as liaisons/intermediaries between individuals, communities and health and social services to facilitate access to care and improve the quality and cultural responsiveness of service delivery. CHWs are also in a unique position to help people to resolve conditions in their lives that have a major impact on their health, such as problems with housing and food access, known as social determinants of health. An increasing body of evidence indicates that CHWs make a distinct contribution to improving health outcomes and that payment for CHW services produces savings in the long run.

There is interest nationally and in Connecticut to strengthen CHW services by assuring sustained payment for them. There is also concern that such services be designed and funded to support the full capacity of CHWs, especially the role they need to play in helping individuals to address social determinants of health. The Hispanic Health Council, a community-based organization headquartered in Hartford, sought to develop evidence-based policy recommendations that would promote widespread support for community-based CHW services with sufficient resources to address SDOH. With grant support from the Connecticut Health Foundation, the HHC convened a group of CHW policy experts, to produce a policy brief entitled, "Social Determinants of Health through Community Health Workers: A Call to Action". HHC is releasing this report, together with project partners, including: Meredith Ferraro from Southwestern AHEC, Dr. Rafael Pérez-Escamilla from the Office of Public Health Practice at the Yale School of Public Health, Katharine London from the Center for Health Law and Economics at the UMass Medical School and Noelle Wiggins from Whole Person Care -LA at the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services.

If you have any questions, please contact Grace Damio at (860) 527-0856 extension 1274 or via email at graced@hispanichealthcouncil.org